How do I change my profile name or update my profile picture?

Now that I am a part of the community, how can I personalize my profile?

  • The username you chose and use to sign in will never change, but you can change the name that appears on your profile (what other users see). Same goes for the photo. Changing your profile name and photo can help with networking capabilities and make your more identifiable by other members of the site.

    To change your profile name and/or photo, look to the top navbar an click on “My Profile” found on the left of the page. Once on your profile page, under your profile picture you’ll see various options for managing your page. Choose “Edit Profile.”

    From this page, you can update your profile picture, change your bio and common profile options. Under “Common Profile Options” and in the “Name” field, you can retype the profile name you would like displayed on your page, as well as add additional content you would like featured on your profile.

    When changing your profile pictures, please remember that files must be a .jpeg or a .gif file. Maximum display width/height is 250 pixels.

    When finished, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save.”  The change may take a few minutes to take effect.