How do you reply to a comment?

  • If you are in the Forum section and wish to reply to a discussion thread, simply go to the initial post, or any subsequent comment, and click on "Reply" in the upper right corner. Doing this will open a screen that says "Reply to: Title of post." Simply enter your comment in the "Description" field and hit "Post" found at the bottom left of the page.

    If you wish to comment on a blog, click the blog to which you wish to comment. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your comment in the "Comments" field. Click "Add" to post this comment live to the page.

    Please allow a minute or two for any of your comments to post live to the site.

  • In reply to Corinne Zudonyi:

    I am looking to reply to a comment that was left on my page.  This would be under the Comments Area of my profile.

  • In reply to EnviroTech Travis Ryan:

    To have a discussion with someone who commented on your profile page, you must first click on their name, bringing you to their profile page. You must then scroll down to their "Comments" section and click "Add a comment." Type your comment into the text box and hit "Publish." This will post a comment back to their profile page.

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