How do I find a member?

I would like to find a colleague, where do I start?

  • You can search for members by clicking on “Find A Member” in the top navbar. You can view members by page or by searching for they name in the available field on the “Find A Member” page.

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    Is there any way to filter by company or by other criteria?  It's not particularly useful to have to page through all members with no indicator of who they might be or how we might be connected.

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    At this time we do not have an option to filter by company, etc...

    Currently we are working on a search to find colleagues by details. We will keep you posted when the new search feature is ready.

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    It's been a while since this feature came under development.  Any progress?  I'm new to myCleanLink and as near as I can figure none of my colleagues are using their real names here so I can't find them.  A geographical search would be really handy for connecting with people in my market.

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    We're working on some upgrades to the site currently that will give better search capabilities for finding other members. I don't have a timeline for launch yet, but it will be coming in 2011.