Certification Opportunities

I am looking for a good and inexpensive certification program for my custodial staff. Does anyone have suggestions for that?

I need a course that they can take online or with a DVD and will not only certify them but help them earn continued education credits so I can get them better pay.

  • Look at betco.com. It's been awhile but I have completed their offerings several years ago. I just looked at their site and may check into a few of their new offerings.


    BD Janitorial.com

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    Justin, are any of your employees currently certified? If they are and are looking for continuing education credits to maintain that certification, there are a plethora of online courses that are free. We have a number of offerings with our Webcasts (www.cleanlink.com/webcasts) and will be announcing some new topics for 2012.

    I know there are also a couple associations that offer certification and continuing education to schools:

    IEHA - www.ieha.org/education_certification.php

    APPA - http://credentialing.appa.org/

    There are other training offerings out there, but I don't know for sure whether they offer CEU credits. Hopefully, this is helpful!

  • At the moment our staff is not certified. I have begun setting out to change that. I wanted to go after the ieha certs but the school board denied the request. Several of the staff have used the betco courses to beef up their files but the board doesn't seem to want to cooperate at all. one board member saying "Why would you need to be certified to scrub toilets" before he completely dismissed the conversation. It is disheartening. We have picked up The CCAP (custodial cost analysis program) program in a beta form from Hillyard and have heard rumblings that the will be offering a training cert. application through that sometime in the near future. (fingers crossed) In the mean time i will look into your suggestions Corinne, Thanks

  • Justin, I am the President of the Green Clean Institute and we specialize in frontline custodial certification.  We do not sell supplies, only educate individuals.  There are over a dozen individual certifications, a Firm certification and also an Audited certiifcation.  We have over 3000 individuals and over 400 Firms using our infomation to help them understand cleaning, in a healthy way.  Take a look at www.GreenCleanInstitute.com or contact me personally.


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    The cleaning industry has only one certification of value and that is the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) put out by the ISSA. See here www.issa.com.