Batteries = Problems

Many cleaning professionals are running into problems with battery-operated touchless soap dispensers. Plus, the batteries are an added (and unwanted) expense.

Because of this distributors are finding more customers are reverting back to manual soap dispensers. Read about it here.

Anyone else having a similar experience?

  • Batteries are becoming a real issue and the only answer is a solar panel on top of the dispenser with a small rechargeable battery inside. Of course manual dispensers are coming back until those type of dispensers are available.

  • In reply to cokeman51:

    Batteries are a problem with cost and replacement to the customer.I think the only battery operated piece of equipment in the rest room should be the paper towel dispenser.Once you push the manual soap dispenser and wash your hands the towel dispenser dispenses towels, Then dry your hands and open the door with thoes same towels. There should be a garbage can near the door for the used towels.I think the battery soap dispensers are on their way out as far as the customer is concerned.

  • In reply to Louis Mazza:

    I believe that battery operated soap and paper towel dispensers have seen their day in restrooms.  Dispenser technology has advanced beyond the battery and there are really great pull down (Brown Towels) and pump type dispensers (Hand Soap) on the market now.  With batteries adding thousands of dollars to a facility budget it only makes sense to move in another direction, especially with the cost of battery recycling.