Innovative Products Announced

While at ISSA/INTERCLEAN last week, five products were recognized with the Innovation Award. There were a lot of fantastic products to choose from in each category, it was too bad there could only be one winner for each. That said, I am curious if you agree with the final decision. What are your thoughts?

  • Hi Corinne,

    Multi-Clean was a participant in the Innovation Award Program under the Services and Technology Category.  We did not win, but were satisfied with the exposure our company recieved for our patented Multi-Task dilution control system.  This system directly impacts a distributors pain, that is profit margin compression and inventory control.  We congratulate the winner in this category, CleanTelligent Software on exceptional promotional materials and valuable QC inspection software.  

    My only gripe is that ISSA's Innovation Award program is a contest wholly based upon a popular vote.  Perhaps making the award program more of a combination of popular voting and a juried process of industry experts might give it more credibility. My understanding is a program in Europe does have a juried component to it.  Since ISSA is pimarily a distributor funded organization, perhaps greater emphasis would be given to entrants that have a more direct impact on distributors.

    Mike Tarvin, Multi-Clean

  • In reply to Mike Tarvin:

    Hi Mike,

    You are not the first person/manufacturer to bring this up, and I am sure you wont be the last. I have heard time and again that this award has become more of a popularity contest than an example of true innovation. It's sad because I hear from our readers that they really like the idea of showcasing truly innovative products/equipment that will help better their cleaning processes.

    As you might already know, our publisher, Rob Geissler, is actually involved in the Innovation Awards program at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam. Those awards are based exclusively on juried vote. A panel of eight individuals, representing six countries, analyze and evaluate each submission before narrowing it down to nine finalists. It is a lengthy process, but identifies true innovation in the industry.

    There is another show in Europe, Pulire, that does do a combination of juried and popular votes to determine Innovation Award winners.