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    I read your article and agree with you that disinfectants are not necessarily needed.  Multi-Clean manufactures disinfectants and we find this segment of our business growing.  However, as part of a green cleaning program, we try to educate our distributors and their customers that in most cases, disinfectants are not required or at least should be limited to high touch surface cleaning.

    Those that clean commercial facilities think they need to disinfect everything.  This has been reinforced with the proliferation of antibacterial consumer products from hand soaps, dish soaps, cleaning products, toothpaste, moist wipes, tissues, etc

    In reality, the process of cleaning using green cleaners and microfibers results in the remove of harmful pathogens.  Keeping in mind that removal of 100% of pathogens is not necessary in most facilities to prevent disease transmission, it is simply necessary to bring the pathogens down to a safe level which is accomplished through regular cleaning.

    Disinfectants are an important product category in healthcare, but even in this market segment, there is an over reliance on the use of disinfectants as the solution to preventing disease transmission.  

    Proper use of disinfectants only where and when needed is a great opportunity for all of us to educate on how to clean better, faster, and safer.

    Thanks for illuminating this subject.

    Mike Tarvin, Multi-Clean

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    Mike, thank you for your response.  What most do not recognize is that in most cases the janitorial staffs of many facilities are not using disinfectants properly so are not disinfecting anyway.

    We can not remove or kill all pathogens and in reality we don't want to.  Control and reducing numbers is the answer.

    This is what Green Cleaning is all about.

    Again, thanks for the reply.


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    We at BD Janitorial offer steam cleaning which I believe is about as Green Cleaning & Disinfecting as you can get. I amazed by Green Cleaning Disinfectants which include in the tiny fine print on the back label " do not inhale the mist if using a sprayer, wear rubber gloves when mixing, open container in a ventilated room, wear protective eye wear when opening or mixing etc. "

    • The other item that gets missed in my opinion is the Dwell Time for disinfectants to be effective and also the pre-cleaning of a surface for a disinfectant to be effective.
    • Do I need to rotate the disinfectants I use ?



    Steam Cleaning Study link



    Rotating Disinfectants


  • I feel that disinfectants should be used to clean bathrooms.  I have seen office cleaners use window cleaners to clean bathrooms and the bathrooms did not get as clean as they should be.  For cleaning other areas or rooms, I do not use disinfectants unless the customer requests it.  I do not want food to to come in contact with the disinfectants.  Unless there is a product that cleans and kill germs better than disinfectants and is safer for humans, I will continue to use disinfectants especially during the flu season. I never had a customer complain to me that the bathroom smelled bad.

    However, since the disinfectants must stay on the surface for at least 10 minutes to disinfectant, I never tell my customers that I am disinfecting the surfaces since my employees clean surfaces less than 10 minutes after spraying. Since I leave the disinfectants on for at least a minute, I can say that I am sanitizing the surface.  

    Although some germs may not have been killed or wiped up with a microfiber cloth, we never had a customer get sick from cleaning with disinfectants.

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    Hello, I would like to have some examples of some sanitizers that are used instead of Disinfectants, I'm from Venezuela but i haven't found any information about this produts yet. Thanks in advance.

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    This would be pretty good news if chemical are not required. We are using them so much already.