Arming School Janitors - Good or Bad Idea?

Earlier this week, CleanLink reported on an Ohio school that was seriously considering supplying janitors with weapons as a line of defense for the students and staff. According to the report, the move was a result of mass shootings such as those out East and recommendations from the NRA that armed security be posted at every school in the nation.

I was surprised by the suggestion to arm janitorial staff, but then learned that lawmakers in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and South Dakota are also already looking into legislation that would allow teachers and other school employees to have guns.

Since many of you either work in or with schools across the country, I'd be very curious what your take is on this initiative. Is supplying weapons to custodial workers a good or bad idea?

  • I have been in school business for over 35 years and arming staff members is a major mistake leave it to the police.

  • In reply to Len Clark:

    While I have mixed feelings about arming school staff, leaving it to the police is not an effective option. Police can't be everywhere and can't get to the scene of a crime until after it has been committed.

  • In reply to Len Clark:

    You people are sure interesting. Here in Canada we are not allowed this much liberty, so it is not even an issue, and we still have the occasional shootings. Is it not like trying to fight fire with fire, though?

    I agree in the right to bear arms, but there should be some accountability.  As people's behaviour on both sides of the border are becoming increasingly questionable you can be sure that more restrictions will be placed. The flip side of this delema is that the persons in the govrnments are drawn from the same pool and consequently they have the same morals (or lack thereof), but with more unchallangeable power - not a good situation either. We all need to turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ. When He is Lord of our lives for real, His character and behaviour will be reflected in ours. Janitors will not have to be super heros, and just save the day by keeping the place clean.

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  • In reply to Ed Samson:

    We have always had an armed officer working within the district and stationed at the main campus.

  • In reply to Gerry:

    It goes back to the fact that it isn't the God fearing people we have to worry about.

  • In reply to Len Clark:

    And how long would it take him to respond to a shooting at the other end of campus?

  • In reply to Ed Samson:

    Not long we are small but he could radio the police response team to any situation if needed.  Arming any regular staff person is risky at best.