Mounting question for soap and sanitizer dispensers

I promised a reader I'd post this on his behalf. Can you help him out?

"I am considering installing touch-free soap/sanitizer dispensers, but notice that they are installed only by the sticky back. Have other facilities found these to be long-lasting, or do the dispensers require additional mounting in order to stay up on the wall?"

  • Having personally installed thousands of dispensers, I can say that It really depends upon the surface to which the dispenser is being adhered.  A thoroughly cleaned and dried surface greatly increases the likelihood that the dispenser adhesive will hold.  Anything less means a confounded surface that will inevitably compromise the permanency of the adhesive.

    Many double-stick adhesive sheets common to these dispensers have a curing time of several hours.  This means that once you apply the dispenser to the wall surface, press hard to ensure contact to the surface is comprehensive.  Then let the dispenser sit empty and unburdened for several hours, perhaps overnight before stuffing them with the soap cartridge.

    For touch-free dispensers held only by the adhesive I've had about 5% "fall off" in the first month.  

    I ask the facility manager if it is OK to drill.  If so then I put a minimum of two mounting screws.  You should have four types of drill bits handy:  masonry (for concrete), ceramic (tile), metal (SS) and general purpose (for wood or drywall).  You may need to drill--twice if the substrate behind the ceramic tile, SS or other surface differs from the outfacing surface.

    If you are mounting in an order facility with concrete or asbestos--infused drywall then you will need vacuum as you drill to prevent a hazardous material from becoming airborne while facility users are present.

  • In reply to vkb:

    Thanks for this great advice. I'll make sure to relay your comments.

    He did mention that his options for placement of the dispenser are either on a partitian wall, mirror or drywall. Obviously, if the adhesive wont hold, mirrors are a poor option, unless you have seen successes in this area?