Sanitary Maintenance Is Turning 70!

This year Sanitary Maintenance is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. In today’s tumultuous publishing landscape, it’s quite an achievement for a magazine to survive one year, let alone seven decades.

Sanitary Maintenance is the jan/san industry’s original publication. In his first editorial, Founding Publisher Harry Apple acknowledged the sanitary supply distributor’s role in “maintaining public health and avoiding epidemics.” He said distributors must be able to diagnose cleaning and sanitation needs of every type of facility. Therefore, it would be the function of SM to educate distributors and their sales teams to be able to analyze the needs of their customers and train the cleaning staff, when necessary.

Seventy years later that first vision statement still rings true. With today’s influenza pandemic and rampant hospital acquired infections, distributors still need to become end users’ “Sanitation Engineers,” just as Harry Apple encouraged them to be.

I’m proud to be a part of this rich history and excited to celebrate it. Throughout the year we’ll be posting vintage photos, old articles and other retrospective items on our social feeds. You’ll find even more coverage in our official anniversary issue in May. If you’d like to join the celebration, send an e-mail to with either an old photo or a short note on what Sanitary Maintenance means to your company.

  • Here's a preview of what we have in store for our 70th Anniversary. This is a picture of Harold Pond, president of Advance Machine. He used to play his Hammond organ over the PA speakers to boost morale during the workday!

  • In reply to Dan Weltin:

    Just in time for March madness: This portrait of Newton S. Hillyard, the founder of Hillyard Industries, is permanently on display at the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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    Did you know that Malish Corp. was founded in 1948 by John and Pauline Malish in the garage of their home in Garfield Heights, Ohio?


    Here's a picture of the house that built Malish!