Has Anyone Really Found A Green Stripper That Works ?

      I own a cleaning service in vermont. For 13 years I've tried different floor strippers and some work better then others but have the same results that being the worst chemicals for your health work the best. In the last few years companies are jumping on the band wagan with going green with floor strippers but the end results are they don't work . I have to finish the job with my with my SCULL & CROSS BONES stripper.

     Anyone having any great results with some of the newer green strippers on the market? If so, could they be posted ?

  •  Enviro-Solutions----  The BEST in Certified Green Products -Try ES 90 Clean Cut, ( My Favorite )   It's the most aggressive.   ES 85 is Gr8 to &  Scrub Free. Both are Green Certified,  have low odor , and clean better then any other product - Toxic Chemical - Green - Green Certified - Floor Strippers I have tried.  Tour the  web site... www.enviro-solution.com ...  LOOK in- Product Selection tab, All you need & more is there.   I have demo'd this product many times- It ALWAYS Amazes Me !!   It was Used to Restore & Preserve a Large Hospitals Flooring Assets. (I may have a photo- b4 & after)      Really research the www.enviro-solution.com  website.  Schedule a Demo with the Local Rep.  Be Amazed ---- PS.  The Carpet Cleaner CAN'T be Beat-  Period !  Star

    Blessings Friend-     Kim

  • Franmar has been around  for about 23 years they make soy based strippers and degreasers originally for screen priniting. They have some videos on the site and you get free samples to try.


  • I've used Franmar products and have been happy with the results. Originally developed for screen printing cleaning they have developed other lines.

    Free Samples are available to test brands with MSDS sheets, Tech sheets, videos are all available at the site. I've used the degreasers and soy gel paint remover. A wider variety of products is avaible.

  • I know this is quite an old post, but I just recently joined the site. ASJ1995, my company is called Market Advantage Plus. We are a manufacturer rep for all of New England. We do a lot of business with Swish-Kenco and many of the other distributors in your area. Please contact me if we can be of any help.

    Now to answer your question... Our chemical company has a complete line of products that are very green. We were actually the first ones in the industry to have a green-seal certified stripper several years back when green started getting big. We have a full line of green chemicals and they perform GREAT! 

    Please see this link for a full spec sheet on our Elements Low Odor Floor Stripper . As I said, we offer a full line of green chemicals that may interest you. We used to carry both a green seal and eco-logo certification, but we recently transitioned to Eco-Logo only as we feel it is better.


    Please feel free to check out my website as well to see some of the other manufacturers we represent. You will also find our contact info there if you would like to call or e-mail us for more info. http://marketadvantageplus.com/lines-represented

    Have a great day.

  • Betco Green Earth is certified and works good on floors that have been maintained properly.  If you have to work on an unknown floor then I suggest Betco AX IT, it is a no rinse stripper that leaves no alkaline residue and will break down older finishes containing zinc.

    Keep in mind that just because your stripper is VOC free and protects your lungs and the ozone, the floor finish that you are removing may contain heavy metals and other harsh chemicals.  If you want to be true green then protect the water system as well!  Use a wet vac to pick up emulsified finish and then dump the waste water into a containment barrel.

  • I have been using Holloway House products for over 25 years and they have an Jan/San Division with GREEN APPROVED Products.  Approvals are from the EPA/DfE on their Stripper, which they refer to as a Deep Clean & Wax Remover / as well as their incredible Floor Finish and Neutral Concentrated Cleaner. 

    The new web sight for these products is www.quickshinepro.com


  • We never used. But i think it will be good.

    Janitorial Services

  • I will recommend that you get a brulin product that not only is green seal cetified but the company brulin is ISO cetified this means that their manufacturing process is held to higher standard than all the companies on this blog.

    Terragreen stripper has no odor , will work on any surface wax applied wether applied correctly or otherwise this stripper is simply amazing

    I have used this stripper in casinos where traffic never ends also in hospitals where odor is an issue

    it works better than most conventional strippers no smell it is green try brulin.com

  • Using chemcials that are more friendly to the environment is only one element of green cleaning. Where LEED certifcation is concerned it is not mandatory but highly suggested. Chemcials  purcahsed for use in a LEED building are considered qualified or not qualified and comprise only one product category for this credit IEQ 3.3 Other products to be included in this credit are can liners, toilet tissue, paper towels, kleenex, hand soap and paper wipers such as Kimberly Clarks "Wypall".  The annual total of all these products is used to determin compliance. If the total purchases of qualified products equal 30% than 1 point is earned. If the total is 60% than 1 additional point is availble under exemplary performance. Experience has show that if the building is using qualified paper towels, toilet tissue and hand soap they will maximize the points available in this credit, regardless of chemcials used. So you can see that the emphysis is not on stripper and finish. in fact it is very insignificant in the total category of purcases.

    Reducing and or elimiting exposure to harmful particulates such as VOC's is a green building best practice and one that should be implemented wherever feasible and reasonable. However, most certification project teams I have educated on this decide to use traditional finish and stripper that meet their appearence and performance standards.

  • In reply to LauraCraven:

    I have several customers who have purchased the BOOST machines because they "Strip" and were disappointed.  The pads are what actually do the work and were orginally sold  by 3M to prepare wood floors for recoating.  Under those conditons it is necessary to flip the pad every 4-600 square feet.  The best you will see out of a Boost machine is a deep scrub and if you do not change/flip the pads results will not be even.  You can accomplish the same with a conventional scrubber and the 3M Surface Prep pads. 

  • In reply to GaryShapiro:

    I would have to say that I disagree with what you have said about the boost machine and the spp pads.  Our company has done well over a million sqf of finished surface using the boost and SPP pads with nothing but fantastic results.  We can do about 1000 sqf per side and even more at times.  But you have to have the solution turned on.  If you do it dry then yes, you will not get very far before it gets gummed up.  We also clean them out at the end of a shift, and we don't use them too long in a shift.  By doing this we are able to get 5000 to 6000 sqf per pad.  A way bigger savings from the stripper solution and black pads.

    The boost does not a do the same job as a chemical strip does.  A chemical strip will get the finish out of the pores of the tile whereas a chemical free process will only do a  surface strip.  But why would you need to do a full chemical strip?  There is just no point unless the floor is really damaged.  If you apply enough finish, maintain it, and apply more finish as needed you should never really need to do a complete strip.  Why waste the time and money on a needless task?  It is fun to swing a buffer, but not that fun.

    While it is true that the SPP pad does the work, it is in conjunction with the orbital motion that the best result is achieved.  A SPP pad does not achieve the same result as a conventional scrubber.  Why?  because of the type of motion and the speed.  A rotational motion is not optimal, and 150ish rpm is just plain too slow.  The Boost is fast enough and provides the right kind of pad motion. 

    The Boost performs more than a "deep scrub" as it is removing many layers of finish, whereas a deep scrub will only remove 2 to 3 and thats it.  But, should you go over it once and decide that you want more finish removed, just do it again.  It is so much faster than traditional methods there even if you do it twice it is still a faster and cheaper process.

    There is one major drawback to the Boost that does deserve mentioning.  The edges and corners.  It is still an auto scrubber and auto scrubbers have some major flaws.  One of them is the turning radius.  They just don't turn sharp enough.  You are not doing a 0 degree turn that is for sure.  Also, you can't get into the corners as well.  It is a dance of hitting the corners from like, 3 different directions, then backing into it to get everything with the vac. Very annoying.  Also if the walls are anything but perfectly strait with no protrusions of any kind then there are going to be spots that you can't get, that includes door frames. 

    Because of that problem, you need a edge and corner machine.  As well as something that you can use in rooms that are too small for a big auto scrubber.  We use the EBG-20 from square scrub and it takes care of all of the edge and corner problems.  I can with 100 percent certainty guarantee that I can out perform any other traditional floor process.  Preparing floors with the boost / ebg-20 combo is just to fast to compete with.  (Oh and also it is WAY cheaper too, try .09 cents per sqf average.  Don't believe me?  Then you haven't priced it right) 

    If you don't use the boost right, then it will not save you money.  Same with any equipment or process.  But if you use it correctly then you have revolutionized an area of your business.  If you have a hospital or other 24 hour type facility then it is a dream come true, but that is another topic for another day.

  • Hi i'm Extreme new to this site, i'm not trying to burst any one's bubble here but, What if you could eleminate this stripping business all together?

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    You will be done, you will have striped this floor for the last time!

    And before i forget, the floor treatment mantains a high PH and in the presents of UV light it will keep your floors germ and bacteria free, bath rooms will no longer smell of urine.

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  • Essential's Green Strip has worked good for me.


    Green Strip 
    Environmentally-Responsible Floor Stripper (8881FX)



  • In reply to Chris Terrell:

    Can you give me the name of the machine and manufactureer? I tried a machine here but it was a dry procedure. Personnally I loved it. Best of all No Chemical and it was square so we got the corners and edges.

  • We have been using the FS 22 Floor Stripper by FOCUS. It works extremelly well and has a very low odor. We use this product mainly in hospital. You can link on: www.focus-acs.com