High-Design Cleaning Tools: Do They Actually Work?

This article claims aesthetically pleasing cleaning tools make the job more enjoyable. I'm sure everyone has comments. Do you agree? Do you know of specific products that fit the bill? 

  • While the article debates design and function, a simple, revolutionary trash can combines both. By eliminating the struggle to remove the bag, EZ Dump Commercial SmartcanMax™ is the best of both worlds - looks and functionality second to none.

    The demo alone is priceless!

  • The Revolution 360™ by N.S. Industrial & Design, not only defines the “smart can” category, it complies with OSHA standards and addresses the workplace-ergonomic medical problems detailed in a 2015 University of Minnesota study that reinforced what the industry largely knows – lifting (arching) with your back is a problem including aggravating negative forces (shoulder torque due to bag suction) that restrain the operation. The patents-pending design and ease of use of the Revolution 360 can be reviewed at www.nsindustrialdesign.com/videos.html. The Revolution 360™ is currently being used in healthcare, industrial and education settings and with positive reviews. Please visit www.nsindustrialdesign.com for more details.
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    I can see where the Smart Can could have much value and end the lifting/pulling up a heavy or full waste liner. 1   thing I see or question I would have is: What if the liner bag has a leak? or is torn inside the container? If you are just putting food scraps into the bag then leaking may not be a problem. Brad www.BDJanitorial.com

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    The Revolution 360™ receptacle series have a base tray that captures and contains any liquids caused by potential leaking. Furthermore because of the receptacles function it provides easy access for cleaning. Just read our customer testimonials at www.nsindustrialdesign.com
  • Brad,

    Great question. Leakage can lead to slip and falls, one of the leading causes of workplace injury, especially in food services. Our patented SmartcanMax™ base can hold 3.5 gallons should there be a bag leak, and can easily be cleaned.

    SmartcanMax™ allows the user can get in a neutral lifting position, using two hands at all times. They can easily remove the bag, without it getting snagged. This is much safer than traditional trash cans, preventing back and shoulder strain, with back injuries OSHA’s #1 worker incident, averaging $37,000 per incident!
  • In reply to Brady Heath:

    I like this trash can, especially for the ease of cleaning the bottom. However, a 23 gallon size is not really an issue when it comes to trash weight. 44 and 55 gallon cans would be more critical.

    I assume it is being sold to those who search it out, but there is no "call to action" on the website. I assume they are expensive since no pricing is shown. I question the need for the optional funnel; a swing lid like those available for Slim Jim cans, would be more useful. One feature is the replaceable bottom tray but I can't recall ever trashing a trash can due to a worn out bottom--they seem to last forever except for the cheap ones where the top rims crack.
  • In reply to Ed Samson:

    Ed, so glad you like SmartcanMax™!  

    For many of our customers - especially those in food services, their trash density determines weight, with trash can replacement often times averaging  4-6 months due to holes in the bottom from dragging them around.

    The optional funnel simply makes the opening at food prep counter top height, and locks the bag in place in those hectic kitchens.  With our 3 year No Holes Warranty, we are an ROI no brainer, we provide REAL value.

    To prove our industrial grade over-engineering, we even filled one with water... and at over 194lbs, we wheeled it around (NOT recommended, video pending)...

    With many companies transitioning to 35lb. human lifting limits, our SmartcanMax™ 23 gallon receptacle fits the bill. We do have a larger size in R&D, along with accessories such as wheels, flippy lids and more.

    Available online in limited quantities and at select distributors, or call us at 1-800-944-5011.

    Proudly made in AZ, USA too.
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    Brady, Good points. Now to solve the problem of lifting those heavy bags up and over the side of the dumpster! Lifting and twisting while trying to hold the lid up with one hand is a back breaker.