Are You A Subcontractor?

Today's CleanLink Minute from columnist Mickey Crowe presents an interesting question: How many BSCs out there have ever entered into a subcontracting agreement with another company?

A reader asked Mickey the following: “I am just getting started in the cleaning business. A company has offered me a cleaning assignment that requires me to sign a sub-contractor agreement. Is this a good deal for me?”

Mickey has some good suggestions, but I'm curious if anyone else can speak from experience on this one. Do you have any additional suggestions for this reader?

  • It needs to be profitable for it to be a good deal. I have enjoyed working as a subcontractor. We've been servicing 11 retail locations in our area that are part of a national chain, in the capacity of a sub contractor for over ten years. It's been a great deal for us.
  • I have subcontracted for a few companies. the biggest problem is sometimes you don't get paid. don't bother with small claims court. it is a waist of time