Germiest School Hot Spots

Just read an interesting article "Study Reveals Germiest Hot Spots at School" in CleanLink news. I was a little surprised to hear that according to a recent study in a K-12 school system the germiest place at school is the cafeteria table. I apparently always assumed it that the most contaminated areas would be somewhere in the bathroom such as  bathroom door handles. Anyone else as surprised as I am? It's an informative article- I recommend reading it;)

  • I have to say.  I am a little surprised by that.

    Personally  I would not have guessed that it was in the bathroom, maybe drinking fountain, or main entrance doorhandles.  But the table where people eat is a little shocking. 

    Thanks for posting. Interesting reading.

  • In reply to Chris Terrell:

    I've read numerous articles saying the germiest spots are cafeteria tables, restaurant high chairs, computer keyboards, etc. I consider these studies nonsense because all they are doing are counting bacteria without regard to what kind of bacteria. We all have millions of bacteria living on and in our bodies without harm. Yet, just a few of the wrong kind can result in illness. So take those studies with a grain of salt; most are done for the shock value. There are also studies that indicate people who are never exposed to bacteria don't develop antibodies and get sick more often.

  • In reply to Ed Samson:

    Ed is right.  This type of article is produced for shock value not for practical value.