SEO and PageRank advice, effective but little known tricks

Hey everyone,

Okay I am new to the forum and have noticed a few posts on SEO and webpage ranking questions. So I will offer up some advice that I personally use for non cleaning related sites and blogs.

Whenever I want to get online, more importantly the front page of Google I do a few things first:

I make sure my site is ready to go, it has all of the proper keywords in place, a valid google site map and most importantly I have a google account so I can link my site to google maps.

Now that my site is ready I make sure that I have content articles on who, what and where my service is located. I need that for google maps.

Google > Google Maps > sign in (create a google account if you don't have one) add details to google maps listing > it goes into the google queue > a google rep approves listing > 4 to 6 hours later I am front page google for my business based on keyword(s) I used.

Ninja Trick lol, make sure your website name and your main keyword are THE SAME - almost gaurantees other search engines pick it up within a day or two.

After google maps, I need to spread the word.

I personally, will take a video of a cleaning job and post in on YouTube. Now, based on people looking for cleaning videos they might just find me.

If you have a new product do a video and post it to YouTube. It works like magic.

I NEVER use Google Adwords, to tricky for newbies and if done wrong will cost you more than you profit. There are easier ways.

Okay, onto the fun, backlinking tricks that drive traffic to any site really quick.

Make a presentation or a powerpoint slide. Its really simple, most computers come with a form of powerpoint.

If you don't have it just go over to and download it. Once it is on your PC open it and look for the open office impress. Simple way to find it is:

Go to start menu on your pc

All Progams

Find Open Office and then scroll down to Impress.

With this little bad boy you can easily create a powerpoint or slideshow, in simple steps.

Make each page a paragraph or two.

First page should be the name of your presentation:

How to clean whatever on the top page

Next 2 to 4 pages are a little advice on how its done

Final page a thank you for reading and a link to your website

Save the finished product to your PC

Then upload the slideshow/powerpoint to the following:

You will need to open accounts for all of these before uploading your document.

You WILL get traffic and you will get ranked.

After that, go to other sites that are blog sharing and see what you can find in your area related to cleaning and leave comments, you might get customers, you might get a business partner....who knows, but you will get traffic.

Okay thats enough for today, follow these tips and get back to me with any questions. If I can help you out I certainly will.

Oh, a final thought, get on facebook and create a fanpage, tell all your friends to spread the love, its like the old shampoo commercial, lol, and they told 2 friends and they told 2 friends and so on and so on.

Good luck.

P.S. If anyone can tell me how to find an outsorcer to help me find business I would greatly appreciate it.





  • Awesome post, Garret! Thanks for all the great advice and tips!

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    Good post Garret, I never heard about presentations before, maybe will give it a try some day.

    I can't agree with you about Google Places information. It's not just a few hours till you can see the listing. After you submit your listing to Google Places you have to wait a week for a postcard from Google. Then you enter a PIN from the postcard to confirm that you are the owner of the business, then you need to wait about a month till you can see your business on Google Places.

    I agree about the importance of having a keyword in the domain name. I recently purchased 2 domains with good keywords so I'm waiting to see the result pretty soon.

    For outsourcing go to or

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    Hi Alpha Cleaning.

    I guess maybe Google maps works differently here, after I signed up a friends moving company on Thursday Google sent me a pin via my cell phone and I entered the pin, I didn't have to wait for it to be mailed to me (although with Adsense I did) and he was live on Google Maps roughly 6 hours later. Weird how Google works depending on where we live.

    I hope your domains work out for you and you are very, very profitable my friend. Good Luck!!


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    Thanks for the tips! I too have to do the postcard validation process, but hopefully in a few weeks our Google Place will be driving traffic to our website.

  • Garret,

    Interesting article and list of websites. Would you say uploading a slideshow is likely to create direct action by someone who happens to be searching for my services or is the purpose to establish links to improve rankings. It would have to be an accident or coincidence for a building owner or manager to be searching on one of those sites and then come across my slide show.

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing them buddy!



  • In reply to Michael: just cracked the top 50 most visited websites in the US - depending on your location it can also be a valuable way to gain online exposure for your business. It is more widely used in some cities than others, but it is rapidly increasing in popularity around the country.

  • Hey everyone. I'm a web consultant and would be happy to answer any more questions people may have about SEO.

    Here are some basic additional tips I can offer:

    - Use Google Analytics ( and Google Webmasters Tools ( They are free and help you understand and measure your traffic as well as search engine efficacy.

    - Age matters. The longer your website has been around, the higher it will be ranked.

    - Link building. The #1 way to boost your google ranking quickly is to have other websites link to yours.


    Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me.

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    That was a lot of good info in one thread.

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    How to create powerful links?