Slick no-wax vinyl floors

Hey gang, got myself a little problem and need to delve into the trove of knowledge that is this joint.  We put down no wax, fake hardwood vinyl flooring in my ER nursing station at the hospital. One of my ladies, unknown to me until now, has been spraying her dust mop with furniture polish and now the floor is as slick as well...I think you get the idea. 

I've had her mop it with ph neutral floor cleaner and it's still slick and the nurses are giving me all sorts of grief about slipping. Am I now forced to strip this floor?  Please say there is another alternative to having to begin this strip and recoat process for the next several years.


  • You don't have to "strip" the floor, but you do need to use a cleaner that is more aggressive than a neutral pH cleaner.  Something along the line of a General Purpose Cleaner with a pH in the 9 to 10 range or maybe a light duty degreaser.  

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    Thank you so very much...this indeed took care of the problem.

  • What kind of furniture polish did they use? There may be a repellent in it that may be not allowing the cleaner to penetrate. In which case a light degreaser and some elbow grease should take it up

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    Thank you Justin.  We did use the light duty degreaser and this corrected the issue.  One thing is for certain, my staff member will not be spraying a dust mop with furniture polish any longer.  I had her to explain during a staff meeting why we do not do that.  It was a good learning experience.

  • Sure thing, one thing you may want to check out is rubbermaid's hygen line which uses microfiber pads that require no chemical for their dust mops. They also have a very good array of other useful cleaning tools in that line. The line has completely changed the way we clean at the district.

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    A heavy degreaser can damage the floor. I can give you some options-call NE at 6466238619 or email me at
  • Greg,
    The comments so far have been pretty accurate as I have worked with these type of floors is Healthcare as well. There are pH neutral degreasers out there that work really well with these types of floors. Not only from a restoration standpoint but also a daily maintenance one as well. Check out Envirox's Degreaser. One ounce per gallon daily maintainer cleaner sure to increase the slip coefficient that comes with this type of flooring.