How Political Is Too Political In The Workplace?

Saw this article, about a business owner who emailed his employees to warn them of the possible consequences of a second Obama term, in the local paper yesterday:

After having written the July/August Contracting Profits cover story on the effects of Obamacare on building service contractors, I know all too well that this topic is close to the hearts of many employers. But is it OK to try to sway the votes of employees? Do you agree with what the Rite-Hite business owner did?

  • This same subject is being talked about in my town, as an owner of a subway and bagel franchises in the area, met with his employees to let them know that there will be no insurance and reduced hours for employees and managers if Obama elected. He then wrote a letter to the editor of newspaper  outlining what he said, and closing with if  somebody votes for Obama they are directly responsible for this.

    sounds like an organized campaign to me

    it is free speech,

  • In reply to jss:

    Thanks for sharing! And wow -— more than 200 comments on that letter to the editor! Clearly, the issue of Obamacare stirs up opinions. As does the election itself. I don't know about you, but I am counting the hours until the political ads stop running!