Post-Hurricane Sandy: How are you faring?

Many of our readers — distributors, building service contractors and in-house service providers alike — were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts and prayers went out, and are still going out, to those that were in the storm's path. We hope things are starting to return to normal, but power outages still linger throughout the region, even as it prepares for another, smaller winter storm.

One Trenton, N.J.-based BSC I follow on Facebook, Commercial Cleaning Corp., documented their experiences. They posted weather updates and warnings, notified customers they were closing up shop for a few days, posted updates in the aftermath of the storm about their capability to provide services and even offered their office as refuge for those without heat and power.

It is a really neat way to get a first-hand sense of what things were like for those on the front lines of the storm, and I'm wondering if any members of the myCleanLink community have stories to share.

Did you make it through Hurricane Sandy? Please share your stories of how the storm affected you and your company.