What Hard Work Looks Like

I found this article and feel compelled to share. It is a shining example of the types of individuals that work in this industry, and what hard work truly looks like. Set a goal and then work hard to achieve it. Never quit. 

Custodian polishing off career with a flourish at Boulder post office

The floor of the historic, 110-year-old U.S. Post Office building in downtown Boulder is an elegant mix of white terrazzo tile and pink marble, but one would never have known that as of about a month ago.
A century of wear dirtied the floor so thoroughly that it's held a grubby, dark brown shade for so long that none of the post office's current employees could recall its actual colors.
As a custodian for 16 years at the USPS branch along Valmont Road in east Boulder, Fred Palombi was aware of the floor's filthy state, but when he transferred to the downtown location, the grime's days were officially numbered.

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