Hiring Robots To Clean

 That's a picture of an autoscrubber that has been painted to look like an old VW van. It was decorated in this manner by the BSC that cleans the Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu. 

“They are known islandwide,” says Robert Crawford, general manager at Sodexo and building service contractor for Kapi’olani. “Anyone who’s been to Kapi’olani knows about the bots. You have kids and visitors leaning out the doors like they are waiting for the ice cream truck.”

Make sure to read the full article to find out more about robotic autoscrubbers. But I wanted to also point out how great of an idea it is too make your cleaning equipment stand out like this. We've seen other great examples as well. People sometimes think cleaners shouldn't be seen, and that the results should stand out enough on their own. But the reality is, by calling attention to the cleaning process, building occupants will often have a more positive opinion of a building's cleanliness. When people actually see the cleaning being done, it sticks in their minds.