A Sanitary Maintenance Tradition For 60 years

When Sanitary Maintenance introduced its Buyer’s Guide 60 years ago, readers called it “manna from heaven,” said it “answered a crying need in our field,” and declared it would be “useful throughout the entire year.”

Today, distributors still find exceptional value from our comprehensive guide. When researching new product categories, 73 percent of readers use the printed Sanitary Maintenance Buyer’s Guide; almost 40 percent of readers use our Buyer’s Guide exclusively. And just like their colleagues from 60 years ago, more than 85 percent of distributors consult our Buyer’s Guide all year long.

Of course, over the years we’ve made changes to the guide’s look and information, but I’m proud to say that the Sanitary Maintenance Buyer’s Guide still remains the most resourceful by including contact information for 600 manufacturers, wholesalers and buying groups. We also list suppliers of 350 types of products. No other Buyer’s Guide in the industry comes close to providing this much information.

This year, in honor of the guide’s 60th anniversary, we made a few enhancements. Individual product categories are given more prominence and should be easier to locate when paging through the listings. Also, you’ll find descriptions for select products in each category. I hope these changes make the guide an even more valuable resource for you.

If there are any additions you’d like to see for next year’s 61st annual guide, please send me an email, and we’ll take them under consideration.

Also, don’t forget that this information is available in our online Buyer’s Guide