Life Is A Journey Of Learning

That's the lesson from today's CleanLink Minute by columnist Mickey Crowe. Just as with any part of life, you don't learn everything there is to know in one day. The same goes for professional cleaners. Sure, you can join organizations like BSCAI or IEHA, you can talk to industry veterans and learn as much as you can. But some knowledge will only come with time. Yes, sometimes mistakes can prove costly, but they're opportunities to learn what should have been done.

  • hey... There are other windows on the world besides the commercial ones. I did my 1st 2 story residential window job a few days ago. it took me a few window screen removals to get " the hang of it" and I didn't drop any screens on the roof below. While the some of the 2nd story windows didn't come as clean as I had hoped and I did discount some $$ off the total and I did get a ' Pretty Good " from the homeowner. So it's back to practicing with my 24' extension pole, the pad cleaning system I tried out. Luckily I have commercial client with 2nd level windows for me to practice on. Brad BD Janitorial
    PS watching youtube window cleaning videos isn't quite the same as the real thing.