Is microfiber all you need?

We hear a lot about the merits of microfiber mops. Sometimes it seems like a microfiber mop is recommended for almost every cleaning situation. The recommendations have become so prevalent that a reader wrote in to columnist Mickey Crowe asking "what gives?"

  • My experience with microfiber mops is Each floor gets mopped with a clean/laundered mop pad. If I used a string mop then it seems to me that I would need a string mop for each floor or change string mop heads for each floor. I haven't seen any studies/tests done on using 1 string mop which has been dipped/cleaned/soaked in a disinfectant then rinsed then dipped in disinfectant and then mopped a floor.

    I do know that floors need to be scrubbed monthly/bi monthly after having been mopped with a microfiber mop pad.

    Below is a link to a study using string mops and microfiber mops, the 24 floors were used as a test.


    microfiber mop vs string mop