Grout Cleaning

I have an account that has some serious urine stained grout underneath the urinal area.  Any ideas on how I can get this clean? 

  • Hydrogen peroxide cleaners like Butchers G-Force work well.  Let it dwell 5-10 minutes and then scrub with grout brush.  I have also had success with Simple Green, and Lime Away.

  • I would like to refer you to an online video that discusses how to effectively clean and remove urine from floor surfaces. However, it addresses far more than just urine on floors; it also covers ***, vomit, and other nasty contaminants that find their ways onto floors.

    The video is located at:

    The bottom line is that effectively removing urine and other contaminants from floor surfaces, including grout, requires the transfer from the conventional way of cleaning floors—using mops and buckets—to different cleaning systems such as spray-and-vac systems, also known as no-touch cleaning.

    The video discusses how mops/buckets left 3,500 percent more soil and bacteria on floors after cleaning than did a spray-and-vac machine. That includes urine and just about everything else you can imagine.

    Angelo Poneris
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    Hamilton, Ohio

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    I appreciate your help.  I am currently using a Kaivac kz500 unit, however I am still having trouble with getting the urine stains out of the grout.  I have been using a ph neutral cleaner with the Kaivac, and I have also tried lime away, but neither are doing the job.  Is there something else that I can try? or is it possible that the grout just won't come clean?

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    Hello Deepclean

    Let’s see if we can help you.
    There is the likelihood that the grout in this facility is “permanently” stained.

    It may be “clean” and look clean but is really permanently discolored.

    We run into this all the time, especially in environments that were cleaned traditionally for a long time.

    We also see this on restroom floors that have been sealed and/or waxed with chemically-resistant solution. If this is the case, one option that works sometimes is to use a strong (harsh) high-alkaline chemical (like a stripping solution) to dissolve the sealer.

    It may take some trial and error. Will also probably need an extra-long dwell time (keep it wet for 10-30 minutes). Then it will require some mechanical action like a floor machine with a brush or maybe a 1000-3000 psi spinner head. This should always be tested on a small area with maybe a hand brush first.

    If this doesn’t work then you may need to consider a grout “painting” or restoration process (like Sani-glaze). Once that has been performed, regular use of the Kaivac system should prevent it from occurring again.

    Angelo Poneris
    Valley Janitorial

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    One way to cover the stains and prevent them from occurring is to use a restroom mat such as the WizKid mat.  They protect the floor, remove odors and last up to a month in many cases.  I was at a great restaurant today and I know they mop nearly every hour yet there is still discoloration in the grout under the restroom.  Finally, even after using a Kaivac machine a puddle seems to begin instantly...

  • I would recommend using the WizKid Antimicrobial mat.  You can see a mat at

  • Our company deals with tile and grout 5-7 nights a week in restaurants.  For EXTREME cases we first try some muratic acid (on the grout only). Let it sit for only a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.  (You MUST be sure to use a respirator with this because it WILL give you breathing problems if you inhale it after the water hits it.  Another very successful item we came across is for rust but works GREAT on stained grout and tile.  It is Whink rust remover that you can buy in the cleaning section of any grocery or department store.  Put it on the grout, let this sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse well.  If your tile is polished or glossy, make sure to keep this off the tile because it will etch the tile somewhat.  For either of these you do not want to make it a regular application because these are in fact etching the grout and removing a small layer of it. Good luck!

  • Hi i have had very good results with a SIMIX solutions product that is called OXIONE.

    Desolve in some hot water, ad cold to it to fill your container apply to tile and grout kind off soak it let it sit for 10 to 15 min, don't be alarmed by the smell it will be the urine coming out of the grout, rinse and your done.

    Let me know if that works as well for you as it did for me. 

  • Have you tried any of the enzyme cleaners.  Johnson makes a good one called Stench and Stain.   Mix it according to the directions and scrub the area good and you will begin to see the grout transition.   Also, once cleaned put a fan over the area to speed up the drying time.  Good luck! 

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    Whink rust remover may be sold in the grocery store but it is highly dangerous. Read the MSDS sheet and you'll think twice about it.

  • First, make sure that the grout has not been sealed. If so, use a stripper to strip off the sealer or finish. Then use a hydrogen peroxide cleaner, like H2Orange with a bit of agitation and that will take care of the problem.

  • It will require about a month to totally clean if you have used or are using peroxide and detergent every day you will start seeing changes in it.

    It will start lightning and after a month clean and clear grout..

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    with new clients that hire us we first do an initial clean on the floors to bring the standards up to where they should be and we also use the wizkid mats and thet make maintaing the floor easier for us and easier on our clients pockets