Cleaning Frosted Glass

Other than warm water...does anyone have any ideas as to how to effectively clean oily fingerprints from frosted glass?

  • Handling of frosted glass should be avoided; it has pores that easily trap oil and dirt from hands and fingers. Cleaning, in some cases, can push more dirt into the pores. Smudges and marks can be removed with a clean cloth and glass cleaner, if that doesn’t work next use diluted dish soap with a soft paint brush. Glass cleaner can be used to finish cleaning and to remove any soap residue.

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    Frosted shower doors never seem to look as great as when they're brand now. Unfortunately, the frosted effect is from the glass already etched, so it's easy to trap minerals, soap and body oils.

    Any number of your favorite glass cleaners will remove the dirty culprit, but the key is to keep the soap scum and oils from building up again. Might be a good preventative measure to keep a squeegee in the bathroom/shower.


  • Tescos window cleaner (green liquid in a spray bottle) is the best I have come across. Make sure you use a microfibre cloth or kitchen paper.

    I've got frosted glass in my front and internal doors and it does a good job on those.

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  • To get rid of fingerprints on frosted glass I use vinegar and water... then rinse it off with a damp towel (just water).