Cleaners Should Also Be Educators

As an editor, I am either writing or researching something about the cleaning industry every day. Whether its for an article, catching up with a reader or moderating a Webcast, the information I have access to can be very valuable in everyday life. In fact, this constant attention to cleaning has unveiled a lot of information the common person (outside the industry) might not be aware of.

For instance, as we were renovating our facility a couple months back I found myself contributing to the additions. Walk-off matting in the form of floor tiles was installed at entryways and I pointed out that by adding a couple more feet of the tiles, it would provide adequate space to effectively remove soil, ultimately protecting the carpeting throughout the remainder of the corridor. In the restroom, I emphasized the potential savings associated with touch-free fixtures. And on a regular basis I find myself touting the importance of proper hand washing to my fellow employees as a way to reduce cross-contamination and the potential for illness.

As a cleaner, your main objective is to clean the facility and focus on the job at hand. But, it is also important to share your knowledge in an effort to better the environment in which you work. For instance, if the facility is undergoing renovations, offer advice on how to maintain higher levels of clean or ways to cut costs. Explain the importance — and difference — of soaps and sanitizers and how proper use can minimize absenteeism. In an office setting, encourage occupants to clean desks, phones and keyboards regularly. These private areas are often left off cleaning specs and many people don’t realize the germs they can harbor.

It is important to periodically step away from cleaning to educate occupants on the importance of being clean and healthy. The knowledge you have can be a valuable resource. It should be shared.

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