Day Cleaning As Green Cleaning

Historically, cleaning has been conducted during the evening hours, when building occupants are vacant from the premises. The reason for cleaning at night was simple; work can be done without disrupting building occupant productivity.

Harsh chemicals, loud and cumbersome equipment and areas closed for cleaning would prove disruptive to building occupants. But innovations over the years have created both the opportunity and desire to move away from cleaning at night.

Day cleaning has evolved thanks to the continuing evolution of jan/san products, a push for environmental/healthy initiatives and an ongoing desire to cut back spending.

On May 11, at 1:00 (Central Time), Ian Greig, CEO of Daniels Associates, and Leon Old, Superintendent of Custodial Services for the City of Virginia Beach, will outline the difference between day and night cleaning, as well as day cleanings benefits to the facility’s bottom line.

This free online education session will also cover what makes day cleaning green, what products can be used and how to successfully implement a day cleaning program.

To sign up for this free event, register at, or click here.