Germ Chasers Target Hotels

Is it me, or have we have we seen this story before? Mainstream media does an "inside investigation" in hotel rooms and compiles a list of the most germ-ridden surfaces. They then put together a report, which is often successful in scaring the general public from setting foot in any hotel, and putting housekeeping departments under the microscope.

This latest report comes from a group of university researchers hoping to change cleaning and sanitation guidelines within the hotel industry, to mirror those already in place in the food and healthcare industries. Click here to read these reports.

I have no doubt that the findings are factual, but is it an accurate assessment of the hotel industry as a whole? I know many housekeeping managers in this industry that focus heavy attention and training on the touch-points mentioned in the report. I also know of many departments using black light technology to detect potential germ hot spots. Cleanliness is a top priority among the executives I speak with, and I cant help but wonder what reports like these do those facilities that have proper cleaning procedures in place.

I'd be curious to hear from you regarding your thoughts on these types of reports. Good or bad for the industry? Do they keep cleaners honest or are they simply scaring away building occupants?