Green Cleaning Legislation - Friend or Foe?

As of yesterday, Kentucky is the latest state to pass a green cleaning bill (view details here), legislation that comes on the heals of a similar bill passed in Vermont (details here) — two of the 23 states with green cleaning recommendations in place. And just  prior to those, ISSA reported on a House bill that would require ingredient disclosure of cleaning products across the country (additional information here). 

Some are curious why lawmakers are getting involved in cleaning, stressing they have been cleaning green for years. While others who have had difficulty convincing upper management on the benefits of green, welcome the legislation and see it as an opportunity to better their practices. 

I'd love to hear from those who have legislation in place within their state. How have these laws affected your program? Are you for them or against them?

  • I think the time has past where more cumbersome legislation is not needed.   I question whether any of the green cleaning mandates can even be enforced.  Green cleaners have gone mainstream.  The users have spoken, and I believe they have found in 95+% of cleaning applications, green cleaning products work as well as non-green products and they are competively priced.  Why would anyone want to use anything else?

    Mike Tarvin