Stimulating Green: Is Cleaning Left Out?

As President Barack Obama gets settled into the White House, his push for an economic stimulus package has taken form. In an effort to reshape the economy into one that is greener, cleaner and more sustainable, the new economic stimulus package includes $71 billion for energy and environmental initiatives and another $20 billion for green tax incentives. But does it include cleaning?

Green provisions to Obama’s stimulus package include energy investments, infrastructure improvements, transportation, clean water investments and scientific research. But, there is no mention of chemical usage, occupant health or maintenance. At the same time, daily announcements flood the newswire announcing green-certified buildings, but it is a rare occasion when cleaning or maintenance is a focus.

Since the early stages of green, buildings have received a heavy focus because of energy costs, water usage and building materials. I agree that it is important to preserve our environmental resources by building green, but what happens once that “green” building is built? To continue its minimal impact on the environment, maintenance and custodial issues must be addressed.

  • Of course were left out, we aren't important, we are just the cleaners.

    Until they figure out a way to make money off of us.

    Oh Wait, they have!  It's called Green Seal and USGBC and LEEDS

    Ever notice how many manufacturers have representatives on the boards or part of the organization of those groups?

    It's so they can steer the money into their pockets.  They don't really care about us and certainly not the small or medium sized companies because we will never spend the type of dollars to make them notice us.

    Ever call a janitorial distributor and then wait 3-4 days for a call back?  But if I was ABM or Coverup they would fall all over themselves to get to me.

    Same goes with things like greening--$7,000 to get green seal certified????  

    Call me, I'll ask you 3-4 questions, you send me $25 and I'll mail you some pretty little stickers.

    just feel like ranting. sorry

  • I wise man once challenged our nation:

    "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country"  JFK

    Thinking globally, I believe today JFK might have said, "Ask not what your world can do for you but what you can do for the world"  in which you live.

    It is unfortunate that most people will not move to Green products without a stimulus.  Our government gives tax credits for Hybrids and now the stimulus package includes billions more for Green.  While I think this is reality, I also believe it would be nice for everyone to Go Green because it is the right thing to do for future generations that will live on our planet.

  • They have been spouting Green since that big yellow bird on Sesame Street started preaching back in the 70's

    Hasn't swept the planet yet and won't unless someone see a way to make money off of having it legislated.

    Give it 6 months to a year with this President and we will all be wearing clothes made from recycled plastic bottles and drinking organic green tea by law.

    How am I ever going to attach my buffer to my ten-speed and keep the bucket/wringer rolling straight at the same time?

  • "How am I ever going to attach my buffer to my ten-speed and keep the bucket/wringer rolling straight at the same time?"  

    I needed the laugh, thanks Ken.

  • I agree with Donson.   Why not work toward being green because it is the right thing to do and not because your going to get something for it?  

    I believe it heard the following on Clean Link and it has stuck with me and I believe it is worth repeating.  

    We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.  

    It has helped me to remember that my actions today are going to effect everyone in the future.  

  • DId you notice on the 60 minutes interview at the Oval office the cleaner was using a feather duster!!! How non green can you get!! Anyaway, I need assistance from ssomebody on Day Cleaning CLass A Multi tenant office....anybody with experience out there that can help me?? Didn't California have to go to day cleaning with the energy crisis a few years ago?