The Ultimate Push For Green

Not too long ago, the New York Times reported on the environmental steps the new First Family has taken since moving into the White House.

Michelle Obama built an organic vegetable garden, solar panels are being considered and the new play set for the Obama girls is made out of all recycled and non-toxic materials. Even drinking fountains throughout the grounds are being upgraded to promote the use of refillable bottles.

Although any step towards bettering the environment is a step in the right direction, there is one adoption the Obama’s have implemented that I hope helps drive the jan/san industry. For the past two months, the housekeeping staff has reportedly begun using green cleaning products throughout the complex. Groundskeepers and engineers have been asked to do the same. Recycling efforts have also been stepped up on both the East and West wings to include newspapers, magazines, glass, aluminum and plastics.

Through their actions, the Obama’s have communicated to the world that our environment is precious and we should do everything in our power to preserve our resources. The cleaning industry has focused on green and environmental initiatives for years, but to see the First Family implementing change on this grand scale is hope for the future of green cleaning.

  • It's really encouraging to see someone like Michelle Obama in a position of power actually doing something positive and showing people the way through leading by example.