Get Super-Clean Mattresses with Mattress Steam Cleaners

Mattresses that are used daily generally contain a wide range of unwanted deposits, such as dust mites, urine stains, bed bugs, skin cells, and sweat stains. Even with regular cleaning sessions, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate such tough deposits from mattresses. Vacuuming simply removes the loose particulate deposits on the surface. The stains and odors remain unaffected by vacuuming, and washing a mattress can do more harm than good. For this reason, experts recommend switching to mattress steam cleaners.

More on Steam Power
Cleaning experts around the world agree that steam cleaning is the right technique to maintain mattresses and bedding. This is also the easiest and the most effective method of cleaning and disinfecting large number of mattresses in settings, such as hotels and hospitals. To help clean mattresses with minimal effort and time, leading suppliers now offer powerful mattress steam cleaners with advanced cleaning technologies. In addition to making mattresses super-clean, the superior cleaning functions in these machines help healthcare and hospitality settings adhere to the specified standards of cleanliness.

Proven Antibacterial Technologies
Hospitals and healthcare facilities generally feature high concentrations of bacteria, germs, and disease-causing pathogens on mattresses, since the people using these mattresses will probably be infected, injured, or diseased in some way. To effectively eliminate the germs, you need to use mattress steam cleaners that feature HEPA filtration plus reliable anti-bacterial technologies.

The HEPA filter is the most efficient method to ensure complete extraction of particulate matter, such as pollen, dust, allergens and dust mites, from different surfaces to ensure better quality indoor air. To enable easy disposal, the extracted particles are directed into a tank containing water.

Advanced antibacterial technologies integrated in the best mattress steam cleaners ensure superior elimination of germs from mattresses, bedding, floors, counters, restrooms, upholstery, door knobs, and glass surfaces. In fact, the fastest-selling antibacterial steam cleaners help eliminate up to 99.99 percent of germs from different surfaces.

Goodbye Bedbugs!
Commercial steam cleaners are also invaluable, when it comes to eliminating bed bugs from mattresses. Once an infestation of these pests sets in, traditional techniques, such as vacuuming, do not help remove the pests. After trying out various cleaning methods, the experts have finally confirmed that using a technologically-superior steam cleaner with ATIS technology is the right way to attack bed bugs. Bed bugs simply cannot tolerate heat. So, when the super-hot steam from antibacterial steam cleaners hits the mattresses, these pests are forced out from their hiding places and killed instantly.

Fighting Stains
Stains caused by blood, sweat, or urine can make mattresses look unclean and unhygienic. To remove these tough stains, you have to work on it from deep within. The steam ejected by a steam cleaning equipment dissolves the most stubborn stains from deep within and completely extracts the dissolved deposits, leaving the mattresses spotlessly clean.

To ensure clean, disinfected and deodorized mattresses and thus create healthier environments in hospitals and hotels, check out the wide range of commercial steam cleaners available from leading suppliers.