How a Truck Mount Carpet Washing Equipment Increases Productivity of Cleaning Contractors?

Different types of carpet cleaning machines are sold in the market. The huge variety, in terms of features, prices and applications sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right carpet wash equipment. The major consideration for contractors should be the functioning of the machine itself. It should be designed keeping in mind the requirements of commercial operation. Carpet wash machines are exposed to high temperatures, corrosive detergents, and often toxic dirt which may reduce the life of a low-end machine. This is the reason why contractors are always advised to purchase carpet wash systems that are designed for commercial use and have durable parts and accessories, such as rugged wands.

Another feature is the portability of these machines. A truck mount carpet washing equipment is different from regular carpet wash machines, as they can be mounted on trucks or trailers.  This is very important keeping in mind the varied carpet wash contracts that you must fulfill in locations all over the city. These systems are also popular with mobile car washers. These machines are suitable for use on client location, not only due to their portability, but also their low water consumption and high airflow and suction designed to reduce waster usage, increase vacuum power, and lower the drying times.

Low Flow Machines and Their Uses

A low flow truck mount carpet washing equipment has many another advantages as well.  Carpets that are washed using minimal water dry faster and thereby eliminate the possibility of mold and odors. That is why when purchasing truck mount carpet washing equipment contractors should always check if the machine is designed to use less water.

A truck mount carpet washing equipment is designed to have higher pressure levels and temperatures than ordinary carpet wash systems used for home carpet cleaning. These machines often reach pressure levels as high as 500 psi and temperatures up to 210°F.  The high temperatures are ideal for removing grease, stains, mold, odors, pet stains, and similar substances from carpets. Many contractors may choose non-heated machines, if they are not regularly required to clean very grimy or greasy carpets.

Truck mounted cleaners feature two different types of wands. A regular carpet steamer uses a larger 12 inch wand, whereas if you want to use truck mounted cleaners as upholstery cleaners, you should opt for a smaller 4 inch wand. These wands are used for cleaning all types of fabric upholstery including car upholstery.

A carpet steamer should also have a long hose to facilitate cleaning without requiring the operator to move the machine frequently. A long hose improves productivity and reduces inefficiency. The best carpet cleaning machine may have a hose as long as 100 feet. Upholstery cleaners should ideally be paired with a biodegradable detergent for better carpet washing.  Biodegradable detergents are eco-friendly and nontoxic.

The best carpet cleaning machine that suits your carpet cleaning requirements, has durable parts and accessories, and is easy to use in areas such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and retail areas, restaurants, car wash businesses, and homes.