How To Buy The Best Tile Floor Cleaner?

A tile floor cleaner is basically a machine designed to be used on hard surfaces. If you look for steamers on the Internet, you will find a plenty of machines. Are all those equipment good for use as tile floor cleaner machines? What separates an ordinary steam cleaning machine from a tile floor cleaner machine? This article answers all those questions.

Dry Steam Output
You might be wondering what is meant by dry steam? It is a state of super heated water in which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent. Does the dry steam has any advantages over normal steam?
The main advantage of these tile floor cleaner machines is that cleaning is much sharper. It is an essential requisite for cleaning tile and grout. Dry steam can melt the dirt buried in the joints between tile blocks.
The second advantage is the quick drying of the surface. Since dry steam contains a very low quantity of water, the surfaces tend to dry up quickly. It helps to keep the surfaces clean for a long time.

Continuous Refill
High temperature and dry vapor are essential for tile and grout cleaning. The machines equipped with these features will provide excellent cleaning. The next thing is to ensure that the tile floor steam cleaner used for the purpose works smoothly and continuously.
Most of the modern floor steam cleaners contain a single boiler or water tank. When the water in the tank becomes empty, water will have to be refilled again. When working on large buildings, the frequent breaks in work for refilling the tank can turn out to be inconvenient.
There are two ways to overcome this problem. The first is to use a floor steam cleaner that generates high temperature. Vapor steam cleaners with boilers of size 14 liters are available at present. Large boiler tanks solve the problem only to some extent. If the work involves cleaning a large area, even the machine with the largest boiler tank will not last long enough.
So, the real solution is to use floor cleaning machines equipped with continuous refilling technology for tile and grout cleaning. These machines have an additional non-pressurized tank. Water is first filled into the tank and then transferred to the boiler when the water level in the boiler falls below a certain limit. The technology ensures that the temperature generated by these tile floor cleaner machines remains the same even after refilling.
Some of the modern vapor steam cleaners offer automatic refilling technology. These floor steam cleaners just need to be connected to a source of water. The rest of the process is automatic.

Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization Technology
The latest machines feature Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization that kills 99.99 percent of disease-causing bacteria and mold.

Vacuum Extraction Systems
For higher volume tasks, the latest machines come with commercial vacuum systems that remove excess moisture while cleaning.
Please note that other machines used for cleaning tile and grout surfaces are wet steam pressure washers and hard surface cleaning machines with motorized spinning heads.

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