How to Purchase Hotel Room Carpet Cleaners For Cleaning Delicate As Well As Regular Carpets?

Hotel room carpet cleaners can clean different types of carpets. This makes the job of contractors a lot easier, as they do not have to purchase a different type of machine to clean different types of carpets. However, certain hotel room carpet cleaners are best suited for commercial applications. Therefore, contractors recommend purchasing carpet wash machines, keeping in mind the type of carpets you usually clean, the amount of dirt on them, and the number of carpets you are required to clean on a daily basis.

Type of Carpets
Before you start the cleaning process, you need to find out what kind of carpet you are about to clean and what are its cleaning requirements. Delicate carpets, expensive carpets, and wool carpets should ideally not be cleaned with very hot water. Many carpets come unglued when cleaned with hot water. Therefore, contractors should use only cold water for cleaning these carpets. If you are looking to purchase hotel room carpet cleaners for such carpets, it is recommended that you invest in a non-heated carpet washer. This type of machine cannot heat water but it can accept water as hot as 140°F for cleaning. These days, machines with adjustable temperature control technology are also available that allow users to set the temperature flow or even turn off the heat completely.

Using a good quality, biodegradable carpet cleaning chemical makes the process easier even in the absence of hot water. Many contractors use environment-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals to ensure that the cleaning process remains free of toxic substances that could become potential fire hazards.

If you are cleaning regular carpets in general, then there is no harm in investing in a cold water carpet cleaning machine. Hotel room carpet cleaners may attain temperatures as high as 210°F. The high temperatures are ideal for cleaning carpets that are very dirty with grease, sugars, or similar sticky substances. Stains can also be cleared away more effectively using hot water.

The Grimy, Greasy Carpets Versus Less Dirty Carpets
If you are not required to clean very dirty carpets, then non-heated carpet cleaning machines are good enough. However, if the carpets are very dirty, then you require heated carpet cleaning machines. Using hot water is more effective in this instance, as it helps in grease removal. Heat melts grease, sugars and similar substances, and makes their removal easy. That is why contractors who regularly deal with grimy carpets use heated carpet cleaning machines.

For cleaning hotel rooms, carpet washers must have certain other features:

Low-Flow Rates
Low-flow commercial carpet cleaners are very much in demand because they use minimal water for washing carpets. The biggest advantage of using low-flow commercial carpet cleaners is that the carpet drying time is drastically reduced from 24 hours to around six hours. This reduces the chances of mold formation on carpets because the carpet dries before fungal spores can germinate on them. Faster drying also keeps at bay other problems, such as damage to floor and walls. When you are purchasing carpet washers, always opt for a low flow machine.

Vacuum Extraction
Powerful vacuum extraction ensures that the carpet dries faster, because most of the moisture is extracted during the carpet wash. Vacuum extraction will also remove most of the detergent and dirt from the carpet, leaving behind a fresh smelling, clean carpet. Durable vacuum motors result in more efficiency.

The difficult task of keeping hotel rooms becomes a lot easier when you invest in high-quality carpet extractors.