Info on Parking Lot Cleaning Equipment

Parking lots require special cleaning equipment because they accumulate lot of dirt quite fast. These areas are often grimy with grease, soot, oil, plant sap, and dust. Parking lots create the first impression on customers, which is why businesses are scrupulous about cleanliness in these areas. Sweeping parking lots is not enough. Parking lots accumulate dirt that cannot be easily swept away, and if you live in a dry, dusty region, then the need for high-quality parking lot cleaning equipment is even greater. Even in rainy season, when flood water flows into the parking lot, you might need the help of powerful machines to clear away the mud.

Pressure washers are reliable parking lot cleaning equipment, thanks to their high pressure levels and many different temperature settings. Pressure washers are of two types, heated and non heated. Heated pressure washers create high temperatures. Some pressure washers generate temperatures as high as 330ºF. If heat is not required, you can set the temperature to cold to remove dust and grime. The heating time is also important. The best pressure washers have heating times as low as 30 seconds.

Machines that do not feature heat are suitable for washing away low-grade dust from parking lots. You can use a detergent for removing grease, whether you are using a cold water machine or hot water pressure water.  As you are cleaning outdoor areas where drainage is not likely to be an issue, investing in parking lot cleaning equipment with flow rates as highly as 5 gpm is advisable.

Pressure levels as high as 3000 psi are required for cleaning concrete. Many cold water pressure wash systems feature pressure as high as 8000 psi.

The Choice of Power and Heating System

The fuel or power method used by the pressure washers is also an important consideration, when investing in parking lot cleaning equipment. Commercial pressure washers are of different types, depending on the kind of fuel they use, the kind of heating system they have, and other features. Electric pressure washers are most commonly used for cleaning indoor areas, however, they also are ideal for cleaning the outdoors where electricity is not a problem. The best part is that electric pressure washers do not emit any fumes, making them ideal for cleaning indoor areas.

If electricity is not available, you can use commercial pressure washers powered by diesel, gasoline, or propane.  These machines also feature a variety of heating devices, which use diesel, oil, and kerosene for heating. Concrete cleaning pressure washers from the best brands are easily portable. Many concrete cleaning pressure washers can be easily mounted on trucks and are, therefore, preferred by most contractors.

Besides cleaning parking lots, these high pressure washing systems have various other uses, such as graffiti removal, cleaning roads and sidewalks, and landscape maintenance. This makes these high pressure washers versatile and a great investment for contractors required to clean commercial and public areas.