Large Area Hard Floor Cleaners with Reduced Noise

Contractors are often hired to maintain cleanliness in and around hospitals, residential areas, nursing homes, schools, public libraries, and similar places. However, using conventional hard floor cleaning machines could have one drawback, the high noise levels. Therefore, contractors use machines designed to operate with reduced noise. The volume of sound generated by advanced large area hard floor cleaners is around 58 decibels.

In addition to lower noise working, these machines have many other advantages that make them popular with contractors and people responsible for maintaining cleanliness in commercial areas.

Powerful cleaning
Large area hard surface floor cleaners with noise reducing design are not only quieter, but also powerful. These machines feature pressure levels as high as 1500 psi. The motorized spinner head offers powerful cleaning. The 19 inch spinner for cleaning large areas removes dirt, grime, and is also capable of removing wax from floors. This powerful cleaning action makes the large area hard floor cleaners the perfect cleaning equipment for keeping basements, yards, bathrooms, patios, and similar areas clean.

Cleans almost all types of hard surfaces
Even or rough, porous or non-porous, large area hard surface cleaners clean all types of surfaces. These machines are used for cleaning tile, brick, concrete, granite, marble, linoleum, and just about every other type of hard surface. Contractors who are expected to clean different types of hard surfaces should invest in hard surface cleaners that are versatile and designed to offer enhanced cleaning power.

Many Applications
The optional wands sold with large area hard floor cleaners allow workers to use the machines for pressure washing and carpet cleaning both. If you are planning to clean walls, do not forget to purchase the 12-inch wall squeegee wand. The latest commercial hard floor cleaners from the best brands on the market have large solution and recovery tanks, as big as 13 to 15 gallons. Additionally, they have powerful extraction capabilities, thanks to water lift of 150 inch and air flow of 200 cfm. Long solution and vacuum hoses, up to 25 feet, ensure that you can cover a lot of ground without moving the machine when cleaning. These commercial hard floor cleaners can use hot water up to 140°F when needed, ensuring enhanced cleaning.

Your choices increase, if you can forego the noise eliminating feature on hard floor cleaners. These machines are ideal for regular cleaning applications in commercial locations.

Heated hard surface cleaners
Apart from carpet cleaners, steam floor cleaning systems can also be used as hard surface cleaning systems. Some heated hard surface cleaners are capable of creating temperatures as high as 330°F. These heated hard surface cleaners can be used in areas with heavy accumulation of grime and grease.

Your purchase of a cleaning equipment depends on whether you are cleaning indoor or outdoor areas. The low-noise machines are ideal for indoor use and for applications such as hospital, hotels, hospice care facilities, or nursing homes. On the other hand, for outdoor cleaning, you have a host of appliances to choose from these days.

Powerful hard floor cleaners will enable contractors to remove sludge, grime, grease, and other impurities from hard surfaces and keep the areas sparkling clean.