Use a Car Detailing Equipment for Cleaning Engines and Tires

A car detailing equipment is widely used in the car wash industry for different types of applications, ranging from cleaning the exterior surfaces of the cars to washing interiors, such as seat covers. Depending upon their use, each type of a car detailing equipment has a particular set of features. Buyers should pay attention to these features to select the best machine for your car detailing requirements.

For cleaning the external surface of cars, including the external parts of engines, you require a high-quality pressure wash system. Pressure washers have several benefits, particularly for the car wash industry. Some pressure washers are designed for car washing. These machines come with low flow rates, moderate pressure levels, and various time saving features.

Engines are particularly difficult to clean, owing to the mixture of grease and hydrocarbons. That is why a car detailing equipment frequently features high temperatures. Indeed, washing engines without the use of high temperatures seems difficult. Heat softens grease. This makes the removal of grease much easier. It makes sense for a contractor to abandon their low-end car wash machine and purchase a high-end car detailing equipment that features the right pressure and temperature to remove dirt from engines.

Not that cleaning engines is the only application of these higher pressure cleaning systems. Many pressure washers are also used for the removal of ice and frost from engines and other car parts. The high temperatures are ideal for removing ice. Other advantage of using these machines is that they do not cause any damage to the paint.

The major application of a car detailing equipment is the removal of dirt, including plant sap, grease, and bugs from car surfaces. Apart from cleaning cars, these machines are also used for cleaning trucks, trailers, tractors, and other large vehicles.

High Pressure and Heat
There are multiple benefits of using machines with low flow rates and high pressure levels. High pressure levels of up to 1500 psi are instrumental in removing grease from the engines and other car surfaces. However, many traditional pressure washer systems have had the disadvantage of high flow rates. This is particularly disadvantageous considering restrictions on water use or problems of runoff.

Therefore, many dealers are now offering car wash systems with lower flow rates. Usually, these machines have flow rates of up to 2.5 gpm. While the flow rates are low, they do not impact the pressure levels. Therefore, you can expect pressure levels of up to 1000 psi from these machines. There are many a car wash equipment that are specifically designed for the car wash industry. This type of a car wash equipment has flow rates as low as 0.5 gpm. A steam car wash machine features temperatures of up to 369°F. Therefore, the steam car wash machine with a low flow rate is the ideal system for cleaning cars in areas where water usage is limited.

Car Upholstery Cleaning
When purchasing an auto detailing equipment, you may also need to consider an auto carpet cleaner for cleaning the car interiors. An auto carpet cleaner cleans fabric upholstery and carpets inside cars. Auto carpet cleaner machines may have temperatures as high as 210°F. Many a car wash equipment feature no heat but they can use hot water for cleaning upholstery.

Any auto detailing machine you purchase should be low flow and feature high temperatures to remove grease and other grime. This would enable greater cleanliness of car external surfaces.