Tips for Sofa Cleaning

Over time, a sofa is like anything else--wear and tear lead it to need a good cleaning. Cleaning a sofa is rather easy once you have determined the necessities of your particular couch. The following will help you in preparing and actually cleaning the sofa.

Preparing the Sofa

Step 11
Vacuum the sofa, its pillows and its cushions with the hose attachments. Do not forget the arm rests and backing of the couch. This will clean loose dust and dirt.
Step 22
Dust the wood areas with a soft rag and a cotton swab for the area between the material and wood.
Step 33
Find your warranty. If it is still in effect, the warranty may be null and void if you apply any cleaning solutions. Call the company for cleaning instructions.
Step 44
Determine the sofa's fabric. This tag is typically found under the cushion area.
Step 55
Buy shampoo specifically for your sofa's fabric.
Step 66
Rent a rug shampooer.


Step 11
Assemble the shampooer according to its directions.
Step 22
Test a small area of the sofa. The best place may be the back of the couch or under the couch if possible.
Step 33
Clean the entire couch. This will prevent watermarks.
Step 44
Allow it and all its parts to dry before reassembling the cushions and pillows.