Rider/ ride on/ driving type battery floor sweeper sweeping machines

FSM-D01 ride on/ rider/ driving type battery  floor sweeper is a modern, compact designing and flexible operating machine. It is with bilateral brushes under the independent motor control, a mail-rolled bush and the cleaning filtration system with the dustproof automatic vibration mode. Traction motor is powerful Thanks to its three-wheel chassis designing and turning radius being residential parks and other outdoor road, and a variety of public places. 

Technical Parameter: 

Model FSM-D01
Voltage 24V 
Power 1430W 
Current 59.58A 
Speed 0-6.5km/h
Size 1450*900*1150mm
Cleaning Width 1m
Efficiency 3980-5800m ²/h
Weight 240kg 
Battery 4X6V     240A 
Roll Brush Motor 600W  3000rpm/min
Side Brush Motor 1 950W  100rpm/min
Side Brush Motor 2  950W  100rpm/min
Driving Motor 460W
Suction Motor 180W   3610rpm/min