Walk behind/ hand push battery & electrical type floor scrubber dryers driers/ washer dryers/ washing drying machines

Our walk behind/ hand push battery type & electrical  floor scrubber dryers driers /washer dryers/ washing drying machines are very good.The control panel is  easy to see and the  control is simple. Compact as it is, it has a large water tank capacity. Mechanial parameters are displayed at any time, letting you be clear of the operational situation of the machine. With the curved water scraper, it makes better water sucking. The brushing disk is fitted with a shield, preventing the sewage from getting out.

Technical Parameter:
Model:    FW-AB-A1
Cleaning Width:     510mm
Water Sucker:     755mm
Brush Diameter:     510mm
Brush Rotation Speed:     282r/min
Brush Pressures:     38kg
Floor Motor Power:     560w
Voltage Of The Water Sucking Motor:     24VDC
Power Of The Water Sucking Motor:     350W
Clean Water Tank Capacity:     50L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity:     55L
Water Sucking Vacuum Degree:     110mbar
Noise:     <70db
Cleaning Rate:     1750m/h
Net Weight;     143kg
Size:     1300*500*1010mm