Funny Complaints Sent to Custodial Executives

We recently conducted a survey of Facility Cleaning Decisions readers where we asked them a number of questions regarding complaints they receive from building occupants. As I sit here reading the results, I cant help but chuckle at the absolute absurdity of some of these "complaints."

When asked to share complaints submitted to the custodial department, these readers said:

Example #1
"When I was out of the office on a Friday, someone left me a voicemail saying there was a raisin on the floor and it was drawing ants. When I came to work on Monday, the raisin was still there, along with the ants. The person pinned a sign to the carpeting instructing people to leave the raisin there so I could see it. Really??? You couldn't pick up the darned thing and throw it away?!?!"

Example #2
"There is too much sunlight coming in through the window."

Example #3
"A person on staff called to complain that the custodian was eating her candy out of her candy dish. Not all of the candy, just one piece at a time."

Please please please share some of the complaints you've heard over the years and make us all smile.

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