Restaurant Restroom Surveys Predicts % of Returning Customers

While I don't currently clean or service any restaurants,  but if or when I begin to market to this potential segment of the market I may want to include some of the following statistics to show the value of my janitorial services. Some of the statistics may also apply to commercial buildings with common use or public use restrooms. To make it easier to jump to the numbers, I'll bold type those. Sectioned Titled Is there any research available on the value of restroom cleanliness?-Page quotes/info came from. Contract cleaning bench2003 Proctor & Gamarking survey report showed that

  • restroom cleanliness issues account for over 33% of all customer complaints.

Survey...From a 4 week old survey that was posted on Infection Control Today, Survey title ." Survey finds consumers want an honest conversation about bathroom habits." 1,283 men and women were surveyed.

  • 51% do not wash their hands.

Restaurants Restrooms Can Make or Break a Dining Experience.

The mentioned survey was done on 2,175 adults that visit restaurants. Survey was done by Harris Interactive. From an article by Sylvia Rector April 12, 2009. From Sani-Seats Website.

  • 88% believe that restroom cleanliness reflects the restaurants over all hygiene.
  • 29% of the survey respondents said they would not return to a restaraunt with very dirty facilities.
  • 50% said they tell afriend if they had a bad experience with a dirty restroom. 

Another survey commissioned by SCA Tissue of North America, survey consisted of 2,175 adults of which 97% visit restaurants. From htrends/researcharticle35411.html

  • 29% of those surveyed would never return to a restaurant that had an extremely unclean or un sanitary restroom.
  • 46% said they would avoid going to a restaurant because of a past bad experience in the restroom or one they about from others.

The Top 10 Dirty Restaurants Factors Preventing A Returning Customer.

  • 58% overflowing toilet.
  • 57% unpleasant odor.
  • 49% slippery or dirty floors, with a build up, gum or other residue.
  • 38% dirty partitions, doors, doorknobs, walls or fixtures.
  • 38% dirty and wet sinks and countertops.
  • 33% insufficient toilet paper.
  • 31% overflowing trash or waste cans.
  • 28% insufficient liquid soap --- I am assuming it's the lack of or amount of soap.
  • 22% non working toilet paper dispenser.
  • 19% unavailable management or employees to receive problems.

A few more points from the same survey regarding Word Of Mouth.

  • 50% of those who visit restaurants said they would tell their friends and family about a negative experience with an unclean or unsanitary restaurant restroom.
  • 29% said they would NEVER return to a restaurant with an extremely unclean or unsanitary restroom.
  • 46% said they would avoid going to a restaurant because of a past bad experience with that restroom OR they heard about from others.

Negative restroom experiences trigger strong Negative " Word of Mouth ".

I find it amazing that you would think the above numbers would be a No Brainer for a restaurant owner or manager, yet how times have you visited the restroom and found it, well, not as clean as it could be. Again if you are in the commercial cleaning, or provide janitor services, then maybe the above information might be helpful in a restaurant cleaning proposal.

Brad the cleaning guy


  • Good information Brad, especially for those who want to clean restaurants. I did one some time ago, but there are just too many problems with restaurants and very often restrooms is not the biggest problem, but the grease in the kitchen. Hours of work are not really good and it's difficult to keep employees there. Just my experience, thanks for the article.